Phew!  How are you doing out there?  You all still with me?  (I think I lost a bunch of you somewhere around the Holiday Grand Plan.)  Well, we're at the finish line today, so don't lose heart!  The fifth and final Christmas planner we're going to look over is again from our friends over at Organized Christmas.  And rest easy, this one is pretty basic.  It's called the Christmas Countdown.

The Christmas Countdown is a six-week plan (written by Cynthia Townley Ewer, the author of Houseworks) that focuses solely on getting ready for the holidays.  There are no deep cleaning or decluttering assignments here.  It's all about holiday preparedness.

The Christmas Countdown begins the last week of October.  Each week there is a straightforward list of things to do that need a little extra thought ahead of time (like buying, addressing, and stamping Christmas cards, for example).  By breaking all these tasks down into smaller steps, you can take the stress out of your holiday season.

Christmas Countdown: A Breakdown
  • A basic, easy-to-follow guide to preparing for the holidays.
  • Website has a calendar and printable calendars, worksheets, and lists for your binder.
  • Links to helpful articles and other resources online.

Length of Plan:
Six Weeks 

October 24th



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