If you want to get organized for Christmas, there are lots of plans online that you can follow that will help you do just that.  Some of them are more intensive than others.  I thought I'd look at some of the plans I've found and see how they break down.  I'll look at a different plan every day, and at the end of the week I'll tell you which one I'm going to do this year.

(For the record, the jury's still out for me.  I'm hoping this little exercise will help me make up my mind.)

The FLYLady Holiday Cruise
I first joined FLYLady in September of 2006.  Since then, I've found her practical advice to be indispensable.  I don't always follow her plan to a "T," but the great thing about FLYLady is that you don't have to.  Her plan is customizable to work for whoever you are and whatever your situation.

FLYLady introduced me to the concept of a holiday plan.  Hers is called the Holiday Cruise.  If you are a member of her e-mail list (which is free), you receive "Cruising Missions" every weekday starting at the beginning of October.  Cruising Missions cover everything from cleaning and cooking to buying and wrapping gifts to decorating.  The goal of the Holiday Cruise is to be completely finished with all your Christmas tasks by December 1st, so that you can spend your holidays stress-free.

Unlike some of the other plans that we'll talk about later in the week, the Holiday Cruise doesn't concentrate on house cleaning.  The reason for this is that if you are already a member of FLYLady, you will have been receiving her "missions" all throughout the year with the goal of keeping your home decluttered year-round and maintaining it along the way.

FLYLady's practical approach to holiday planning, along with her no-nonsense advice and catchphrases (I particularly like "You are not behind!  Jump in where you are!") make her plan the most customizable and beginner-friendly.

  • Includes a downloadable Holiday Control Journal to help you plan.
  • Daily Cruising Missions delivered to your inbox.
  • Video Cruising Missions available on the website.
  • Website also includes recipes, clutter-free gift ideas, and testimonials from other Flybabies.

October 1st.



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