Yesterday we tackled the first plan from Organized Christmas, the Holiday Grand Plan.  Today's plan is The Houseworks Holiday Plan.  As I mentioned before, this plan is very similar in structure to the HGP, but with a few subtle differences.  Let's look at it!

The Houseworks Holiday Plan is based on principles from the book Houseworks by Cynthia Townley Ewer.  The HHP references a section of this book each week, so it would make sense that if you're interested in following this plan, you'd want to invest in the book first.

The Houseworks Holiday Plan covers practically everything that the Holiday Grand Plan covers, but the way that it approaches the tasks is different.  The HHP, instead of going through your house room-by-room, breaks the house down according to uses, such as "cooking space," "public space," and "family space."  Each week addresses one of these spaces.  In addition to a reading assignment from the book Houseworks, there are links to articles on the Organized Home website that relate to the space you are focusing on.  

The HHP also takes into consideration things like wardrobe and planning for holiday guests.  If you've ever been caught the day before a portrait appointment not knowing what you were going to wear (because we always take care of the kids' clothes first, right?) then you know the value of planning your wardrobe ahead of time.  And knowing that there are fresh sheets for the guest bedroom would certainly take away stress from a holiday visit.

The Houseworks Holiday Plan, like the Holiday Grand Plan, also includes a list of holiday tasks to be completed each week, but the HHP is quite a bit more relaxed.  Instead of requiring you to spend an hour each day working on holiday crafts (um, no) the HHP just has you doing more thinking ahead as to what you want to accomplish before the holidays so that when the holidays arrive, you already have a plan in place.

Overall I found the Houseworks Holiday Plan to be more user friendly and less panic-inducing than the Holiday Grand Plan (seriously, it was giving me chest pains just reading about it).  So if you don't mind investing in the book, and you'd like to accomplish some serious house organization, then the Houseworks Holiday Plan might be for you!

Houseworks Holiday Plan: A Breakdown
  • Website has some older printables available right now, but they are working on all new printable documents that should be available by the time the plan starts.  Which is next week.
  • In addition to lists and dividers, the HHP printables include some fun things like letters from Santa and seating charts (for party planning) along with some things that are useful year-round, like pantry and freezer inventories.
  • Website has weekly book assignments as well as links to helpful articles online.
  • Website also has sections with craft ideas, recipes, and tips.
The book Houseworks, available through Amazon for about $11.50

Length of Plan:
18 Weeks 

August 29th



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