Last year we had a new addition to our family (and the last one, amen), so when Christmas rolled around I decided to look for some new, coordinating stockings.  Trouble was, I just couldn't find any that I really liked.  Then, browsing through Hobby Lobby's after Christmas sale, I found some that I absolutely loved.  And they were even half off!  Destiny, right?  Ah, but here's the catch-- they're kits.  I bought them anyway, promising myself that they wouldn't end up in the Big Box of Unfinished Projects in the closet (shhh!).  After all, if I gave myself a whole year, surely I could put four stockings together-- right?

Not so much.  I opened one, looked at the directions, and started to panic.  It looked like an awful lot of work.  Times four.  So I quietly put them next to the Big Box of Unfinished Projects (shhh!) and shut the door.

But then Christmas fever started to set in this summer, and (as Maria Lucas would say) I am determined to start afresh.  I thought it might motivate me to work on them if I posted my progress here for accountability.  Also possibly for sympathy.

The stockings are made up of lots of felt pieces that are all individually hand-stitched onto the base of the stocking.  They also have some beads and sequins that have to be applied by hand.

Here's the first one:

And here's how far I've gotten:

I've cut it out.  For the record, I haven't cut out all the applique pieces yet.

Pray for me.


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  1. This makes me tired to think about... but the stockings are awful cute. So I'm torn...