I start thinking about Christmas in the summertime.  It's true.  This year it was around mid-June: the flies were buzzing around, we were having record high temperatures, and all I could think about was Christmas.

Then, it happens.  The day I look forward to every year.  The day that my new Christmas With Southern Living book arrives in the mail.  It always comes at the beginning of July, and with it comes some serious yearning for Christmastime.

(This year's book was especially good!)

Before you know it, I've pulled out all my favorite Christmas With Southern Living books to browse through again, along with every magazine clipping I've saved.  I start thinking about what I'd like to cook this year, or how I'd like to decorate, or what I might do differently.  The fever sets in big time.

So on the off-chance that there are others out there like me-- who like nothing better than to dream about Christmas at completely inappropriate times of the year, who watch Christmas movies in August and listen to their Christmas CDs in July-- I decided to start a blog.

So haul out the holly, slice up the fruitcake, and join me as I do my Christmas dreaming a little early this year.  (Did I include enough lyric references in that sentence?  I'm not convinced I did.)



  1. I love this and can't wait to read more! :)

  2. We share a brain when it comes to holiday planning. Can't wait to see what you come up with.