I started my Christmas shopping last weekend.  Hey, don't hate-- congratulate.  I've never started Christmas shopping before November before, so I'm pretty proud of myself.  I only bought a couple of things, but still.  Progress.

So, I was checking out the new Barbie stuff for the Fall.  If you don't have a Barbie-lover in the house, you are probably not aware that about twice a year Mattel puts out a new Barbie DVD, which of course has All The Barbie Stuff that goes with it.  This Fall's new Barbie movie is called Barbie- A Fashion Fairytale.  And since my oldest daughter is all about Barbie right now, I have no doubt that Barbie- A Fashion Fairytale will be taking up residence in our house this Christmas.

Here's Fashion Fairytale Barbie, in all her pink splendor:

When you press her belt buckle, her chest lights up and plays music.  Fancy. But I found Barbie's musical torso to be nothing compared with her Ken counterpart.

Ken's looking rather metro, don't you think?  First of all, he has on black shoes with white soles.  That's a pretty bold fashion choice.  The pink tie does go nicely with Barbie's frock.  But what really gets me is this:

I mean, look at his hair.  What is up with that?  A. Since when does Ken have nylon hair (instead of the painted-on kind) and B. Whose style is he trying to emulate?  Perplexed by this new development, I searched the internet high and low (for at least ten minutes) and I came up with some comparisons for you.

Exhibit A.: Clay Aiken.  I think the pictures speak for themselves here.  It's a pretty remarkable resemblance.  They're both wearing ties, too, which just reinforces the similarities.  But wait, there's more!

Exhibit B.: Carlisle Cullen.  Vampires are very popular right now-- maybe Ken's trying to cash in on a little of that Twilight action.  Although Carlisle's style is a little more bouffant-y than Ken's.  Let's try another.

Exhibit C.: Shirley Jones.  With no disrespect to Ms. Jones, who is a lovely and talented actress-- but wow!  The resemblance is uncanny.  All Ken needs is a groovy neck ruffle and a whole lotta lovin' is what! he'd be bringing.  (Come on, get hap-py!)

But alas, I'm pretty sure that none of the above choices are quite as compelling as this:

Exhibit D.: Justin Bieber.  That's right folks-- Ken has Bieber fever.  Having seen the doll in person I can confirm that he's got the bizarre Bieber front-comb thing going on.  (Which, by the way, everyone will totally make fun of in ten years.)



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