A couple weeks ago I was doing some searching on the old Internet for Christmas shops, you know, for blog research.  (Which, by the way, is the greatest excuse ever to waste time on the internet.  It's blog research.)  And I came across The Incredible Christmas Place.  And the skies opened, and the angels sang. 

The Incredible Christmas Place is a shopping village in Pigeon Forge, TN, that boasts over 30,000 square feet of shopping wonderland.  They have over 50 decorated trees that are recreated every year.  Their selections range from traditional to contemporary to whimsical, and are new every season. 

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They carry many popular collectibles such as Department 56, Christopher Radko, Jim Shore, and Fontanini.  In fact, they are the South's largest Christmas gifts and decorations store.

The store also has a Floral Gallery, where they custom design centerpieces, wreaths, swags, and other decorative items. The Christmas Place Village has several shops, including a candy shop and a boutique.  The village is all done in Bavarian-style architecture, and has beautiful grounds with park benches and courtyard seating.

Now, imagine if you will my utter surprise and delight when I discovered this place online.  I believe my mouth hung open the whole time I was reading about it.  Then I went into the room where my husband was watching TV and said something along the lines of, "Giant Christmas Store!  Tennessee!  Village!  Shops!  WE HAVE TO GO!!"

While he didn't share my enthusiasm for visiting there, he did understand.  Because, after all, we've been married for twelve years now and he gets that I'm obsessed with Christmas.

I e-mailed the link to my Mom and my sister.  My sister's reaction pretty much summed it up: "It's like the mothership is calling you home."

The great news is that, even if you can't visit the store, you can purchase from them online at  http://www.christmasplace.com/.  They have a huge selection on their website.

Oh, but there's more.  Tomorrow I will show you pictures of their Inn and restaurant.  You won't believe how beautiful they are!

My sincere thanks to The Incredible Christmas Place for allowing me to share their pictures here.  All pictures are copyright The Incredible Christmas Place and are used with permission.  See more pictures on Flickr.

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