Yesterday I showed you the wonder that is The Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN.  But not only do they have an amazing shopping village-- they also have an inn and restaurant!

The Inn at Christmas Place is a four-star hotel located across the parkway from The Incredible Christmas Place.  Not only is it a beautiful hotel (with gorgeous Bavarian-style architecture), but inside it's decorated for Christmas all year long!  That's my kind of place.

I think this Christmas tree is one of the most beautifully decorated trees I've ever seen.  I'm printing this picture and putting it in my Christmas Binder.

This is the front desk.  Isn't that a gorgeous mural?  It's like a Currier and Ives print. 

Some of the rooms are even decorated for Christmas! 

This past summer, they opened the latest addition to the Christmas Place family, a restaurant called The Partridge and Pear.  

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Is it not adorable? 

Even though I've never been there, it just kind of makes me happy knowing that this place exists.  And I look forward to hopefully visiting it myself sometime soon!
All pictures are copyright The Incredible Christmas Place and are used with permission.

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