Remember the Bath and Body works Fall candles I told you about last week?  The 4 oz. jar candles are 2 for $10 right now!  They're regularly $9 each, so that's practically buy one get one free!  Go get some and make your house smell great.

I'm about to uncover some of my deep weirdness for all of you, so please strap yourselves in and get ready for a bumpy ride.  I have Fall music.  What is Fall music, you ask?  Fall music is a group of CDs that I listen to every Fall.  They have nothing in common other than the fact that they are my Fall music.  I actually began instituting Fall music several years ago, because I needed something to bridge the gap between Christmas music and All Other music.  And now I will share them with you.  Aren't you glad?

This is my favorite CD for Fall.  The Little Women soundtrack has the dubious distinction of being the first CD to be christened "Fall music."  Whenever September rolls around and the mornings start to have that chill in the air, this is the first one that I reach for.  In fact, a couple days ago my husband came into the kitchen and said, "hey, is that Little Women?  It must be Fall."

He gets me.

This was the second CD to get added to my Fall rotation.  Maybe it's the coloring of the CD cover that makes me think of Fall.  It's certainly not the lyrics-- the second song on the album, Mummer's Dance, begins with "In the Springtime of the year, when the trees are crowned with leaves."  But whatever the reason, this CD is definitely Fall music.


Once again, there's no good reason why this one should make me think of Fall.  Although Lizzy has that rust colored bonnet that she wears when they go to Rosings Park.  And she has a mustard colored jack she wears outdoors quite a bit.  Those are Fall colors.  Plus, it begins in the Fall.  Now I want to watch it again.

Those three are the mainstays.  There are a few others that go in and out of rotation, based on my mood at the time.  Sometimes I'll include the soundtrack to Sabrina (the 1995 version) or How to Make an American Quilt (it has Bing Crosby singing "Swinging on a Star," which makes me happy).

Do you have any music that reminds you of Fall?



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