I would like to be totally honest about my Christmas planning.  Or, at least, as honest as I can be while writing a blog that doesn't mention my name and remains a little vague, considering I've had readers from all over the world (I see you over there, UK!). 

What was I saying?  Right- honesty.  My Christmas planning is not going quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  And I'm sure many of you can commiserate with me on this-- you have every intention that THIS is the year that everything will be planned!  This is the year the gifts will all be bought and wrapped early!  This is the year that All Your Planning Dreams Will Come True!

And then life intervenes, and you have a sick baby and your six-year-old has homework and the house needs cleaning and dinners need to be made and you also need sleep.  I might be speaking from experience. 

So, truth be told, I have not been keeping up with the Christmas Organizing Express plan.  I'm having a particularly hard time figuring out how to do my planning center.  I love the idea of a planning center-- having everything I need for my Christmas planning in one spot-- but I'm having trouble deciding where and what it should be.

Should I make it stationary, on my desk?  Should I make it mobile, and put it in a bag?  And what items do I need to put in it?  Decisions, decisions!

So my goal for today (or at least by Friday) is to commit to a decision about my planning center.  You all must keep me accountable.  I'll let you know what I decide!


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