I love magazines.  Especially when they have pretty covers.  I've bought a few lately.  They're all "special issues" which roughly translated means "issues that you won't get in the mail if you're a subscriber, and will cost more than what you usually pay for just one issue."

There's a magic combination on this cover that made me snatch it right up.  A.)  Pretty, pretty wreath.  B.) See what's written on the very bottom?  Christmas At Biltmore.  Um, sold.

(For the record, the photography is all gorgeous and there are a lot of great-looking recipes in this one.)

Ah, Victoria.  I'm so glad you're back.  We missed you terribly.  This issue has a lot of pictures that have been used in past holiday issues of Victoria.  Lots of beautiful decorating ideas.  Lots of pretty things to look at. 

I'm here to tell you that I will always love Paula Deen.  Not only that, but you cannot go wrong with a Paula Deen recipe.  Miss Paula will not steer you wrong.

Something else you might not know about me is that I love reading recipes.  You can get great inspiration just from reading recipes.   So even though (as I have mentioned before) I am not all that much into baking, I still buy issues like this that are nothing but baking-- just to see what ideas might come of it.

I always get a chuckle out of the covers of Paula Deen's Christmas issue.  She's always holding a cake, which looks like it is probably really heavy, and at the same time she has to smile really pretty for the camera.  And you know they hand to stand there like that for a while, and the photographer was probably adjusting the cake up and down and saying "Paula, could you move the present in your left hand to the right a little bit?" and "wait, one of her earrings is turned around" and so on. Why do I think about things like this?

By the way, if you like pretty Christmas trees, there are several pictures of the trees in Paula's own home that are just gorgeous.  Dear Paula, I want to have a bunch of pretty trees like you.  And I like your sweater.

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