Thanksgiving is approaching.  Can you feel it?  And with it comes the great American tradition-- turkey.  The sheer amount of options when it comes to turkey can be intimidating.  Do you buy fresh?  Frozen?  Local?  The cheapest per pound that you can possibly find?  And then comes cooking the turkey:  Do you roast?  Deep fry?  Stuff?  Use aromatics?  Herbes de Provence?  Brine?  Salt rub?

The answer is, it's up to you.  But you're here on my happy blog, and that means I'm gonna tell you what I do.  A couple of years ago I watched the following little videos on Food Network.  They changed my life.

(By the way, for some reason Food Network has them labeled backwards.  I'm putting them in the proper order.  You're welcome.)

According to Food Network, Alton Brown's roast turkey recipe is their most popular and highest reviewed recipe on their whole site.  Let me tell you why:  try it, and it will change the way you do turkey for ever and ever. 

But before you start cooking the bird, listen to Alton and brine it.  Here, he'll show you:

Now, I have not used Alton's brine recipe.  I've bought a brine mix at Williams-Sonoma just out of convenience.  (I also buy their brining bags.)  But I have no doubt that if you use Alton's brine recipe, it will do you right.

Last but not least, the carving.  Once again, here's Alton:

I have to tell you, I can practically smell the turkey from here.  And it is heavenly, my friends.  I can hardly wait!



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