I willingly admit that I shamelessly stole this idea from The Partridge and Pear, which is the restaurant owned by The Incredible Christmas Place.  On The Partridge and Pear website is a link to a video that the local news did when the restaurant opened.  The piece highlighted several of their beautiful dishes, one of which was snowman pancakes for the kids.  When I saw it, I had a eureka moment and thought, "I can do that!"  And you know what?  You can too!

What would be more fun for a kid on Christmas morning than a plate like this?

They're very simple to make-- they only require a little work beforehand.

Snowman Pancakes

Your favorite pancake recipe (I used Hungry Jack pancake mix, not gonna lie)
Whipped cream in a can
Chocolate chips
Hot fudge (I used Smuckers)
One Rolo, cut in half lengthwise
Candy corn or jelly Life Saver
A pastry bag fitted with the small round tip

First, go ahead and gather your supplies so that when the pancakes are ready you can decorate them quickly.  I put a few spoonfuls of hot fudge in the pastry bag, cut a Rolo in half for the top hat, and used my kitchen scissors to cut an orange jelly Life Saver into a nose.  It would have been a lot easier to just use a candy corn, but I didn't have one.

Make three pancakes in graduating sizes.  I used a 2 teaspoon measure for the head, 1 tablespoon for the middle, and 2 tablespoons for the bottom.  Once the pancakes are done, arrange them on a plate.  Use the chocolate chips for buttons and eyes, half a Rolo for the top hat, and the Life Saver or candy corn for the nose.  Then, use the pastry bag to pipe on the arms, brim of the top hat, and smile.  Garnish with whipped cream.  You could even dust the whole thing with confectioners sugar if you're feeling fancy.

And that's it!


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