I have a few pictures to share today in honor of The Nester's Tour of Homes. I'll be bringing you more pictures in the coming days. So come on in and take a look around my house!

This tree is in the front window.  I think it looks really pretty from outside.

I'm cheating here and using a picture of the staircase from last year.  But I'm doing it the same this year, so I feel justified.

The dining room.

The mirror in the dining room.  I got this idea from the current issue of Victoria.

The dining room table.  I've had this rocking horse for years, and I still love it.

The den.  You can see the new stockings I bought from personalcreations.com.  More on those later!

Close up of the mantel garland.  I used a red and gold plaid ribbon and some berry picks that I bought at Michael's to embellish the plain garland.

To see more of The Nester's Tour of Homes, visit her blog!



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