My husband and I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation this weekend, as we do every year.  Raise your hand if you have a cousin Eddie in your life.  You know it's only funny because it's true.

(If you're out there wondering if you're *my* cousin Eddie, I can guarantee you that you aren't.  Don't worry.)

If you're a huge fan of Christmas Vacation, then your Old Fashioned Griswold Family Christmas would not be complete without a few of these items seen in the movie.

In this scene, cousin Eddie slurps eggnog out of a glass mug in the shape of a moose's head.  Have you ever wondered where you could get your very own set of glass moose mugs?  Well, wonder no more. sells these beauties for $180 a pair.  They are made by the original artist who made the props for the movie.  The glass is all hand and mouth blown, and the detail on these is phenomenal.  If you're a serious collector, these are definitely worth the price.

You can also buy a cheaper, acrylic version from  The shape of the face is much smaller, and they don't look exactly like the ones in the movie.  They're $45 a pair, which seems kind of steep for acrylic.  I'd say save your pennies and get the real thing if you're determined to have them.

If you'd like to have an advent house just like the Griswolds owned, you can buy one from  These houses are made by commission, and they only commission a certain number of houses per year.  The houses are made of wood and the exterior is real brick and mortar.  These houses are works of art.  They cost $1995 (plus shipping and handling). 

You can also buy a less expensive version of the advent house from for $79.99.  This version is only 12" wide and 13" tall, so still pretty expensive when you consider the scale.  Comparitively, the more expensive house is 30" wide and 28" tall, so that's a big difference.

In case you're wondering, can also hook you up with a leg lamp.  If you're into that sort of thing.



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