Yesterday I showed you many of the Christmas trees that were on display at the Southern Christmas Show this year.  Next on our tour is this miniature room that was mixed in with the beautiful trees.  It's a Victorian room, and the figures were all animated.  It was so lovely.

Just look at this room.  I want to shrink myself down and play in it.

This couple danced while the others in the room played their instruments.

I love the girl reading on the staircase.  I want to be her.

This gentleman was putting the finishing touches on the staircase decorations.  I seriously think I might decorate my staircases like this sometime-- I think it's beautiful!  And just take a minute to look at the window treatments behind him.  And the wallpaper.  I love miniatures so much.  They're just magical!

The Southern Christmas Show also has a display called the Enchanted Village which is created by the Charlotte Chapter of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.  I can only imagine the time it takes to create these painstakingly detailed displays.

The Enchanted Village

I love Bavarian architecture.

I also love Victorian decorating.  I suddenly feel the urge to watch Little Women.

Once you pass through all the decorations, you enter the Christmas shopping village.  There are little storefronts set up with windows and everything.

The Christmas Mouse is always my first stop.  They have lots of trees set up and you can buy ornaments directly off the trees or from the displays.  They have a huge selection.

A giant Glockenspiel!

One of the exhibitors in the village is Heart Gifts by Teresa.  Here's their booth:

I took this gentleman's picture because of his fantastic hat.  It says "Certified Ornamentologist."  I totally want that job.

Once you pass through the village, you enter the first exhibit hall.  There are three exhibit halls in all.  Pictures can't possibly do it all justice, but here are a few to give you an idea.

I've bought some unique and wonderful things at the Southern Christmas Show over the years.  I'll be putting together a post to show you a few of the things I bought this year (part of it was for my Christmas organizing center).

If you'd like to visit the Southern Christmas Show, make your plans to do so next year November 10-20.  Maybe I'll see you there!

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