A few years ago I found myself wanting to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies earlier and earlier in the year.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  But I found that by the time December rolled around, I was already burning out on my favorites.  So in an effort to preserve my Christmas viewing and listening pleasure, I turned to some not-really-Christmas-but-holiday-feeling movies that I could watch when I got the urge.  Here are my top five Movies-That-Aren't-Technically-Christmas Movies.  (You will see that the '90s were particularly good to me, movie-wise.)

5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

This one is a stretch, I'll admit.  But they do have Christmas and open presents.  And don't forget the caroling ghosts in the halls of Hogwarts.  Plus, it's fun to remember when Harry was an ickle firstie and he was just glad to be out of the Dursley's house.  Before the heavier stuff that came in the next few years.  Good times.

4. Home Alone

How adorable was Macaulay Culkin?  So adorable.  I remember drooling over his house when the movie first came out (times have changed, though-- there was some seriously loud wallpaper in that house).  I love the scene where we pretends to be having a party in the house, with the Michael Jordan cut out riding around on the train track.  Classic.

3. Little Women

Little Women is one of those movies that I just want to crawl up inside of and live there.   I love the March family and their attic and their completely darling neighbor Laurie.  The soundtrack has been a longtime favorite-- I listen to it in the Fall (as I've mentioned before). 

2. While You Were Sleeping

"I didn't say Cesar Romero was Spanish, I said Cesar Romero was tall."  Makes me laugh every time.  I love this movie.

1. You've Got Mail

This is one of my all-time favorite movies.  In fact, this morning I was frustratedly looking for my keys and said, "WHERE ARE MY TIC-TACS???"  My husband thought I was losing my mind.

I love the sets in this movie.  The Shop Around the Corner set is what bookstore dreams are made of.  And Kathleen's apartment is so cozy and feminine.  I just love it.  I will even admit to you all that at one point I looked online to see if you could buy one of the canvas bags with the Shop Around the Corner logo on it.  You know how they used canvas bags in the store instead of plastic shopping bags?  I couldn't find any.  But I would totally buy one if I could.



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