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You know how sometimes you'll see a picture in a magazine, and you'll try to duplicate it, and it just doesn't look the same?  The reason for that is that not all decorating ideas work for all spaces.  I like to look at pictures like this one above and try to pinpoint why it works.  This one's actually pretty easy.  The reason this works so well is that the white contrasts beautifully with the bright red door.  That's not to say that it won't look nice on, say, a black door, or a brown one-- but it definitely won't look at dramatic.  But if you have a red door or even another bright color like green or blue, this would be a great accent for you.

Here's another example where red is used dramatically and to great effect.  The thing about red (especially a bright red) is that it works best when it doesn't have to compete with the background.  A red bow on a green wreath is nice, but look how amazing this red looks against the white.  I think this wreath would look great on a neutral colored door (like brown or black).  A brightly colored door would compete too much with it.  See how it works?

This is a relatively inexpensive way to add some real punch to your table-- hot glue cranberries to a foam ball.  You can display them on candlesticks, as pictured, or you could glue a ribbon to them and hang them from a chandelier.  You could group them in a hurricane.  There are lots of great possibilities!  (One word of caution, though-- apply the hot glue to the cranberry and stick the cranberry to the foam ball, but don't try to apply hot glue straight from the gun onto styrofoam.  It will melt.) 

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