I had sort of a happy shock this morning when I pulled up my Pinterest account and found I had 165 followers!  Last week when I checked I had 30.  I don't know where you all came from, but welcome!  I guess I need to post more often. :P

I thought it would be fun for me to highlight some of my favorite pins.  And by the way, if you haven't joined Pinterest yet, it's so much fun.  You can "pin" images from anywhere on the web to your custom boards.  It's a great way to organize design ideas, recipes, or any kind of inspiration!

These are a few of my favorite pins (isn't that a song?):

I have a vaulted ceiling in my foyer, and I have always thought it would be beautiful to have a tall Christmas tree there.  But one of the things I've been worried about was how expensive it would be to buy ornaments to cover a 15 foot tree.  This picture solves that problem!  It's so beautiful, and decorated so simply with just lights and pinecones.  The matching garland on the staircase ties the look together.  I love it!

Our house has double front doors so when I saw this photo it really jumped out at me.  I love the symmetry of this look.  I actually have planters on my front porch that look similar to this (albeit empty ones, at the moment).  The wreaths would be fairly easy to replicate with some large hydrangea blooms.  The planter arrangements would be a little trickier.  I love the height that the branches add to them.  I have a couple silk poinsettias that I display at the holidays-- I think I'll look for some ting-a-ling or curly willow to add to them.  Project!

One more, because things look better in threes:

This beautiful centerpiece makes a big impact, but it's fairly simple when you break it down.  The main elements are just a large plate with a grapevine wreath on top, and three cylindrical glass vases in graduating sizes.  Add fresh cranberries with water and a floating candle to each vase and some holly sprigs and it's done!  I love this idea.  Imagine how beautiful it is when the candles are lit!

Happy November, everyone!



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