What is Christmas without a little music?  I've put together a playlist of some Christmas songs that I think work for a warmer time of year.  Look up at the top of the page and you should see a gray bar with a play button on the left.  Just click play and you're in business!  Let me know if you have any more suggestions-- I might add them to the mix!

Here's what I have so far:
  1. Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby
  2. Christmas Island - Leon Redbone
  3. Feliz Navidad - Bank Soundtech Steel Orchestra
  4. Mary's Boy Child - Boney M
  5. Christmas in De Tropics - Calypso Christmas
  6. Joy To The World - Vince Charles
  7. Big Rock Candy Mountain - Burl Ives
  8. Christmas in the Caribbean - Jimmy Buffett
  9. African Noel - St. Olaf Choir
  10. Jamaican Noel (unknown choral group)
If you know of any more songs I'm missing, please leave them in the comments!  If you can post a link to YouTube, even better!

P.S. I do have some other fun stuff planned for this month (hint hint, giveaways!) but they're not quite ready yet.  Stay tuned!

ETA: I added a couple more songs to the list.  They're choral pieces, and I do love me some choral music.



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